Saturday, April 23, 2011

procedure of making kundhan flowers

        1. Kundan stones/beads (different colours)
2. Golden wire (flower making wire)
3. Green tape
      1. Firstly cut a piece of golden wire as per the length required by you.

2. You can see there are two holes on either sides of the Kundan stones/ beads

3. Insert the wire into the holes from back side of the stone, fold the wire and twist it.

4. This forms one petal and in the similar way make 5-6 petals as you need to make one flower.

5. After your petals are ready hold them aligned together and twist the remaining part of the wire and open the petals slowly and form a flower shape.Twist the wires
tightly and form the stem of flowers.

6. Now Now stick green tape around the stem.

7. Similarly make more such flowers and arrange them beautifully.

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