Sunday, April 18, 2010

tutorial of nib painting

What You need.
  1. Design
  2. Felt
  3. Hard board
  4. Oil paint
  5. Tracing Paper
  6. Pencil Carbon
  7. Glue
Nibs- 3 types of nibs are available.
  1. Rounded tip to do circle designs
  2. Long tip to do lines
  3. Short pointed tip to draw small sharp lines.
How to Do:
Using glue stick the felt on the hard board. Trace down the design on the felt. Now you are ready to paint the design. Two things should be always taken care while doing nib painting. One, you should always start painting from top so as to move your hand freely towards down part. Secondly, you should move your hand evenly while doing your painting. This gives the painting a real look.
Decide on the shade scheme of your design.  Since the petals are not of the same shade, white and pink paint should be used in good combination to get the double shade. Put the paint straight onto the felt. Press on it or score on the paint using the nib. Wherever a round design is required use the nib with round tip and wherever the small sharp lines are drawn short pointed tip nip is used. Generally long tip nib is used  to do the lines. You can also take the paint on the nib and press it against the surface to create the design. You may take 2-3 days to finish off with a design. But do it patiently. You will enjoy this. The design will dry off very slowly, say by 10- days or more. The consistency of the paint is very thick. After the design is fully dried, get it framed.

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  1. i am still confused can u elaborate as what is felt.Is it the pen we get or something elseand give us an example of ur artwork too.