Friday, April 16, 2010

tutorial of metal embossing


Aluminium sheet
Ball pointed pen
Trace of the design
Blanket or cushion
Golden anti rust liquid
Glue and Brush


Stick the trace of the design to the four corners of the aluminium sheet. Applying force draw over the trace so that the impression of the design comes out on the metal sheet prominently. Put dots around the design with the ball pen using force. This dots around the embossed figure will make the art look more attractive.

Keep a blanket or cushion on the table and place the reverse side of the picture on it and emboss the picture by pressing hard with the embossing tool. When it is turned the on the right side, figures will be slightly projecting (embossed). Now paint the out lines of the pictures with black colour. Colour the background of the picture with golden anti rust. Take some cotton and keep it inside a piece of cotton cloth and tie it. This can be used to dip the golden rust and applied on the background thickly so that the background will have a dark appearance. To give lighter shade, mix little kerosene to the golden anti rust and apply it on the back ground

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